*Still* Room for *Shining Wizard*

Not being in Montreal is a very pressing issue in my life right now.  So is having a commensal at best relationship with art/media. That said, hearing Montreal duo *Shining Wizard*’s church-shaking new release is definitely activating the parts of my brain that can’t distinguish between envy and enjoyment (all of them).  Farley Miller and Alex Pelchat (of every band in Montreal [see also: the world]) bring tight dynamism to free jazz abstraction, toeing the line between creation and destruction with every free and freaky extended jam.  Miller’s drumming is tight and driving; Pelchat’s guitar is original without venturing into soloist solipsism.   Both know when to hold back and when to fucking go for it;  the serious musical chops so often associated with auto-canoodling are the with (mostly) none of the masturbation.  It is that tension between the high (re: those mathy song names! Like easily DFW chapter titles, tbh) and the low (re: grown men who happily discuss/name their band after WWE moves) that makes *Shining Wizard* brilliant.    Closer “Cling to the Fillibuster” runs through each of the genre tags in its bandcamp arsenal (“loud” may be an apt descriptor, but never a critique), going from straight-up sneering grime to jazz freakout in a matter of (well-times) seconds.  No Room for *Shining Wizard* is free jazz for even the uninitiated, a punk takeover of a music-snob genre.



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