commence section

i really just don’t get why debra

keeps on letting frank and marie

just rule her life like that!

i mean, really!

if i were her (heaven forbid)

i’d just talk to them by now —

for ten seasons!

being a door mat (!)

and ray !

ray should really say something

you know what?

i bet if she locked her door

there’d be no problems lol

but wouldn’t be much of a show

those poor kids!


remember that episode

where frank and marie

just go on and crash into ray’s house?

for me, that was the last straw

enough is enough, you know?

like, if my in-laws did that

no way would i’d be letting them

criticize my hair

and my cooking

and cleaning

and how i raise my kids!

even if she did make the best meatballs!

but i’m not here to run

ray and debra’s lives

i guess that’s why¬†those writers

are getting paid so g-d much!

— tbsveryfunny23