krill: steve hears pile in malden and [i burst] into tears [incoherent]


DISXLAIMER: enamored of Krill on an aural maybe cosmic maybe personal wink wink I love you plane, so.  This is mostly a scribbled note about me liking Krill more than me

It’s really nice that people that are sad and sensitive and with an arsenal of words and feelings that only seem expressible to me via semi-tongue-in-cheek reviews and tweets in a vacuum have a band like Krill to turn their cotton-logged thoughts into songs.  It’s really nice that they can compact these into not-long, litote-free sentences that read well on the back of a pristine 10” (if the print is a bit blurred by false dry-ribbon and true pixilation).

Says Brian to me, “hey, is this some sort of Seinfeld reference, y’know, the black and white cookie”  Yes it fucking is Brian, by which I mean it’s a reference to my dad’s boundless love for chinese cookies and transitive boundless love and boundless and boundless and boundless, brian, dummy, i will never kill myself. We wish we weren’t “we,” Dr. Leone. This is really beautiful, mostly lyrically though.  I don’t love some of the sounds.